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Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Kawaii-ness

i love seeing Ruki and Uruha standing together~
they're so cute (*'-'*)

Sorry for the randomness.
Anyway, I hope you like it!

Friday, August 27, 2010


it's the last day of my industrial training!
I will not be free until Sept6 because I need to rush my final report!
Hopefully I will have time to spam some gazetalk here. xD

by the way,let's make this day Uruha-day. ^^

My favorite photo.
(eh? did i posted this photo before? it seems familiar....)

hmm.... I've done 2 pieces of GazettE fan arts.
sharing one of it:

Uru's pants are missing~~ ♪(´ε` )
Dedicated to my darling~
Darling, don't be jealous ok~ blek!

Visit my DeviantART profile if you wish to see other fanarts by me.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

I've got this Feeling

I've got the urge to share this picture.
Ruki with specs.
To be exact, Ruki with specs which were designed by him. xD
i'm gonna miss this hairstyle. it is gorgeous!

however, Ruki looks young and cute with his latest hairstyle!
don't you think so? =P

Well, i shall stop here.
I'm sleepy....... good night!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dolly Dreams

ARR FINALLY THEY'RE UP! (the photos)
stupid connection speed.

Okay, this morning when i was looking at my gazette folder,
i noticed that in some photos of the gazettE looked dolly.

JuliEn's choice.
this photo inspired me to do this topic.
he looks like a japanese doll here! kawaii!

baby Kai~ look at his eyes~

no doubt, Uruha looks like doll! he is so perfect.
he reminds me of Dream of Doll!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Six Bullets

Sharing some photos from Nameless Liberty Six Bullets live.
(please notify me if i'm not allowed to post these.)

JuliEn's pick!!!!!
Ruki: UruTeddy~ i love euuu~ muackkssss!
Uruha: yes my dear~

super duper cute!!!
just like a baby!! :3
i'm melting.

GazettE's guitar heroes.

lol at Reita's expression. xD

soooooo cute!

thanks Visual Kei : Mode On for sharing

Monday, August 23, 2010


arrr... it's Monday!
and this is the final week of my industrial training!
(im so excited~^^)

Sharing some photos from Leech single.

Can you hear the counting song of pain?
-ehh i love this photo! it looks great!!!

[I want to scatter your face.]

[I want to scatter your trick]

[I want to scatter your excuse.]
- perhaps he is trying to scatter our soul =x by showing his hotness.

Nobody believes you..
from LEECH


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ruki is Back!

Welcome Back, Ruki.

Something New

Good afternoon, all.
For your information,
Some changes were made to this blog.
New stand-alone pages were added.
Full blog Archive tab has removed.
New reactions for readers were added
(and i accidentally reset the prev reactions. im sorry!)
and also, new authors wer added to this blog!
hey wait a minute, actually all are my accounts.
added for convenience purpose.

enjoy your stay! hoho
by the way, im testing my signatures.
please work!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Under the Skin

Good Afternoon, Saturday!
it's 1.41pm now.
i'm booming gazerock right this moment. hoho
with that, finally i have the mood to write.
ok, another Ruki post today.

this is a bad photo.
it's such a bad photo.
it is too sweaty...
it is too wet!
it makes good girls go bad.
so bad... =x
*slapping myself*
it's ok anyway, i've gone bad decades ago.
*cont. with my nasty thoughts*

heeeeeeee i love to see Ruki in formal.
So pretty. So charming.

i love those goldy gloves. x3
and of course, that elegant outfit.

Crucify Sorrow.
He is my religion.
He is my belief.
He is the soul of genuineness. =)

i'm sorry for posting such heavy post at time like this.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

the GazettE

Grr...... i am not happy not happy not happyyy! =(
I need some Gazetteness to distract meh!

Aoi~ You don't have pose like that.... ya know....
you cant be sexier.
bcoz you are already the sexiest.


Uruha looks great and happy here. x3


and.. my beloved Ruki. =)
Ruki Ruki~ please get well soon.

Kai: Hey Ruki, that's mine! u better put it down b4 i punch ya.
Ruki: like i care~ hehe this rocks, isn't it?
Rei: arrr..... i better keep my mouth shut for now.
Uru: hoho Aoi~ let's get sum alcohol n enjoy d show.
Aoi: i think tomatoes wit condensed milk is better..

credits to @visual kei: mode on for raw images

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

38 degrees Celsius

Hello... Let's continue with Ruki-photo sharing.
i shall do it fast because there are lots of tasks waiting for me.

Julz pick!

err... this is my pick too. =x emo emo ruki

ohhh i like this too!

hey this is smexyyy!

nehh... *ran away*

arr by the way, i am an advertising student,
currently interning as a studio trainee,
basically do graphic designing..
( working is kind of lifeless :x )
i just can't wait going back to uni~
..You see my time is running out, so i gotta go now.
see ya!

I hope this blog kills your boredom and fills your emptiness.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RuRu: to all of you.

Good morning all.
As requested, sharing a post taken from Ruki's blog (16/8) regarding the tour's postponement.

[External Link]
Ruki's Response to the Tour's Postponement

He is such a sweetie.
That is no wonder everyone loves Ru!
We will wait for you, Ruki! ^^


Monday, August 16, 2010

RuRu's Voice Condition

More news update about Ruki.

On 14th August (Saturday) during encore at Kochi City Culture Plaza Cul-Port, Ruki suddenly lost his voice. The hospital diagnosed that he is suffering with laryngeal edema due to virus infection. Because of this infection, his vocal cords is swelling and he lost his voice. Ruki will need time off for further diagnosis of his condition and rest is necessary. We went back to Tokyo for another diagnosis and currently he still could not speak. credits: hakitarun@lj

Kai 15/8
"If our instruments brk-down, we can replace them as many times as we want to, but Ruki's instrument is his singing voice. Please understand the fact that it is not something that could possibly be replaced. "

Aoi 15/8
"Reached Tokyo。Ruki's voice, which was too scratchy yesterday to make even listening to an answer difficult, is not so bad anymore。Things seem to have calmed down after visiting the hospital。I pray that he keeps recovering in the same way。"

Reita 15/8
We'll be back in perfect condition.
We're looking forward to meeting everybody.
Well then, till the 6 bullets assemble again."

Losing voice during lives might be a common problem for vocalists;
but this incident definitely scared the hell out of most gaze's fans.
because it is horrible without vocal! T__T
My broken soul clings on Ruki's voice, so please, please, please,
Please Get Well soon, Ruki.


thanks Sora 愛 Sunao & doiha_lolita for sharing these photos.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bad Day

I just back from animal clinic.... my pup had her leg injured. T__T
as soon as i got back home n had my pup settled down,
i checked Ruki's blog n some fan groups for update....
this was what i got, about Ruki @ Kochi live:

"I heard from my friend who went to the live in Koshi tonight, that during Kantou he suddenly ran back stage. The others had to finish Kantou without vocal. Then after that there was a long break, when Ruki came to talk to Kai. Kai then announced that Ruki wasn't able to sing. Anyway, after that they played Linda, without vocal. But Ruki was there standing and mouthing the lyrics. He gestured the fans to sing in his place. But all in all, they managed to do the live until the end. For some reason, I was expecting Reita to be the first one to post about tonight. And he did. Trust him to comment on such moments. He just thanked everyone for tonight. & that he wouldn't forget the LINDA which was completed by everyone for his whole life."
[news frm shizuka142 @lj]

on the other hand, Ruki n Reita did updated their blog too.
Ruki apologized to the fans.
Reita thanked the fans for completed LINDA.

arrhh..... not a good month.
bad things are happening around me. =(

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Ruki without eyeliners~?

Friday, August 13, 2010


Good Morning.
arhh.. it's Black Friday.
However, it doesn't matter.
Let Ruki's blazes shine this day. =D

I love this picture.. it's so emotional!


neh....... look at Uru's expression!

somehow i find this pic is cute


aww.... lovely. Miseinen x3

i shall back to work now.
I hope you love this post. =D

Thursday, August 12, 2010


the GazettE truck.
a beautiful one!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

( *`ω´) ゞ

Just realized it has been so long since my last gaze photo sharing.
Sharing a set of gazette photo scans~

Guitar. Uruha

Vocal. Ruki

Bass. Reita

Drums. Kai

Guitar. Aoi


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