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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


New gadgets added to my blog: You can now see a new slideshow below my blog header. ^^

Topic for Today: Rukism.
Sharing some recent pics of Ruki-san, more rukiness for rukiholics:

Before i decay...

A Hymn of Crucifixion.
Ruki in suit is.... deadly.
fangirls please don't look at him for more than 10secs or u are dead.

specs designed by Ruki-san.
Ruki in specs is CUTE.

I guess this should be the latest pic of Ruki-sama.
I prefer dark makeup than fancy ones.. :x
By the way~ the costume is cool!
Current mood: happie

Friday, December 25, 2009

Gaze at me.

uncover my Gazeliciousness,
you will find my True feelings beneath.
i would like to dedicate these songs to you, mother fkerS:

At this point, just admit that you have no balls, admit that you are a real bitch and admit that you are actually a gay.
i will stop hating you.
serious shit.
and leave here before a ditch deepens.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Before i Decay

It took me some moments to decide which topic to be selected for this post.
Respond to my msn personal msg "Rotten world",
Before i Decay is chosen.
Sharing some magazine scans which edited by me:

Vocalist: Ruki / Matsumoto Takanori
Birthday: 01 Feb 1982
He is the prettiest man i've ever seen.
arr wait, im not saying about the appearance but the soul of him.
Thanks to Ruki-san, his voice awaken me and pulled me back when i was sunk into depression-the darkest days in my life..
He is the prettiest dark angel, isn't that wonderful?
Similarity wit Jul: emotional, genuine, crybaby, doesn't like sports.. etc etc.
I think he is a negative one.. that makes me feel even more closer to him.

Lead Guitarist: Uruha / Takashima Kouyou
Birthday: 09 June 1981
Similarity wit Jul: (discovering)
Uruha-sama is the only gaze member i find difficult to understand..
perhaps it's bcoz i never take initiative to find out more about him. Gomenasai~

Reita / Suzuki Akira
Birthday: 27 May 1981
Similarity with Jul: self-centered n yet gentle..
Although not good at expressing it, Rei-chan definitely has a gentle heart.

Drummer: Kai / Uke Yutaka
Birthday: 28 Oct 1981
Leader of the GazettE, cutest boy!
Love his cute dimple and positive attitude towards anything and everything.
Forgetful Kai~
Similarity wit Jul: cute! LMAO
Kai is seriously CUTE! he loves to cook, he loves to smile.
cute cute cute cute cute

Rhythm Guitarist: Aoi / Shiroyama Yuu
Birthday: 20 Jan 1979
I adore Aoi-san's rhythm!
Similarity wit Jul: doin things at our own pace, very own..
(in this case Aoi-sama is FASTer, julien is SLOWer. hahaahaha)

the GazettE
Genre: Japanese Rock
Variety: Neo Visual Kei
Since: 2002

Similarity wit Jul: aggressive, dark, passionate, genuine, deviant!
In other words, "Julien, what makes you like the GazettE so darn much?"
GAZEROCK, strong personalities, uniqueness, and they go their own way without giving a damn what others think- for the sake of their dreams.
They're motivative aren't they? ^^

Sunday, December 6, 2009

未成年 Miseinen

Back on lyrics translation. :D It is sad to see so many versions of Gaze lyrics with diff languages available but not Chinese. Reasons of doing this:
- i have nothing better to do
- interest
- to brush my languages!

Firstly, i would like to thank this lovely community gazettelyrics for providing us gazefans all gaze lyrics + translations.
Secondly i would like to thank kiyoshiyuu for providing the kanji, romanji & english version.
And yes, i translated this song based on both English and kanji version.
(mainly rely on english as my japanese foundation is VERY basic, near to zero. xD)

So here comes Chinese version of Miseinen:

我鲁莽地四处探索 当时绊倒并不算什么
我知道自己看起来很愚蠢 我只是毫无遗憾地奔跑
我只可以信赖自己 我 并不需要任何伙伴
我以刀刃指向所有东西 青春之翼是易碎和善变的

我想要变得坚强 我要拥有独自生存的力量
虽然我明白这一点 我仍然未改变

在这道光以外 什么都没有, 例如自由

Teenage Bluely Days

在这道光以外 什么都没有 例如自由

有时候你需要展示自己的力量 但依赖他人也是很重要的
当你受伤了。。。 你想哭泣的时侯 就向着天空大声叫道
I don't want forget to myself I want to be as I am ...

父亲 母亲 伙伴鼓励的声浪给予我光线


展开翅膀开始飞翔 降落的地点叫作“自由”
我曾拥有美妙的家庭 我也曾拥有很棒的伙伴

Original Lyrics by Ruki of the GazettE,
you can get it from http://community.livejournal.com/gazette_lyrics/
Chinese translation by Julien. :D

Friday, December 4, 2009

Distress and Coma series

i am so obsessed with Distress and Coma!
Sharing more pics from Distress and Coma.
*nosebleeding until coma*

Jul's pick:





Ruki: "I pledge, i will be cute n yummy forever =3"

this is LOVE!

emo ruki

odoru odoru~

i love this

more love from jul

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