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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last Bouquet

Getting bored n emo of assignments...
I took a first try for lyrics translation. :x
Japanese to Chinese.
(Of course, with the help of existing English translated copy and Eng-Jap dictionary).
So basically i'm translating based on my Eng-Chns knowledge and some Jap basics.
Note: words in [ ] are printed in booklet but not sung.
Disclaimer: I just translating for the sake of getting rid of my boredom~ i don't study Jap~ i don't study Chinese either~ So my translation might be wrong, or might even far drifted away from its original meaning! xD

Last bouquet (Ruki's version)
ねぇ またそうやって 僕の顔色伺って


僕が辛い時君は笑えているかい? [やそう]
そう また僕は君の言葉から逃げて
君の傷を深めて君の居場所 奪ってた



君が僕を求める度 [Last bouquet] この心は剝がれていく
君は必死に言葉を探す [Last bouquet] たった一つの居場所だったから
君が僕を愛する度 [Last bouquet] この気持ちは剥がれていく
君の生きる支えとなった [Last bouquet] 居場所にはもう戻れない [あぁ]

[あぁ] 戸惑うままの君へ もう糸は切れているのに

[僕が笑う度に君は寂しそうな顔してる 僕が辛い時君は笑えているかい?]

[君が僕を求める度 [Last bouquet] この心は剝がれていく
君は必死に言葉を探す [Last bouquet] たった一つの居場所だったから
君が僕を愛する度 この気持ちは剥がれていく]

何度も何度も僕を呼ぶ 繋いでと泣く君の着信音
何度も何度も思い出す 卑怯な僕を許さないで
何度も何度も泣かないで 僕じゃ君を愛せないから
何度も何度も願うのは これ以上愛さないで
こんな僕を恨んで欲しい 思い出になんてしないで

この歌は君への最後の花であり 最後の愛でもある

最后的花束 (Julien's version)

嗨 你看着我的表情 就像那样 i cant find a word to replace "ne~"

“我们无法相信彼此是…” 你的错吗?
“我无法相信你是…” 我的错。

每一次当我笑时 你脸上只有寂寞的表情
就是因为如此 我再次从你的言语中逃开了
当我把你夺离你所在的地方* 你伤得越深 Ruki Ruki, i dun und your words. :x

“你假装没发觉。” 我只是尝试避开你

但我只是塞着耳朵不停地重复那些无法说出口的字眼… “[对不起]”

每一次当你盼望见到我 [Last bouquet] 我的心就像被剥离
你拼命地探求正确的词句 只因为(你觉得)这是唯一属于你的地方*
每一次当你(说你)爱我 [Last bouquet] 我的感觉就像被剥离
可是你永远无法回到 [Last bouquet] 那已成为你生存原因的地方* [啊] 1
*i wonder what does the "place" mean

[啊] 你依然疑惑,可是把我们系在一起的那条绳早已被切断

[每一次当我笑时 你脸上只有寂寞的表情
[每一次当你盼望见到我 [Last bouquet] 我的心就像被剥离
你拼命地探求正确的词句 只因为(你觉得)这是唯一属于你的地方*
每一次当你(说你)爱我 [Last bouquet] 我的感觉就像被剥离]

你一次次地呼叫我 ,一次又一次的;你的电话铃声呼唤我接听你的电话

请不要一次次地哭泣 只是因为我无法爱你
我要你恨我 把我从你的记忆中删除去

这首歌是我给你最后的花束, 亦是最后的爱
*i can't get the meaning of 居場所, i mean the usage in the song itself.
1. i actually rephrased this sentence.. both phrases were swapped. and it goes the same for Eng copy. lols
2. "当时我对你是多么令人无法接受的残忍?" haha =x
- and yes! those Kanji in the ori lyrics are the key guides for my translation.
- i hate Ruki for writing this song! he was so mean to the girl.. i know exactly how she felt.

Song: Last Bouquet
Album: Gama
by: the GazettE
Lyrics: Ruki
Kanji Lyrics and English translation from
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eyes on Me! =D

nothing nothing~
just wanna share some Pix of the day~

1. "Eye of Horus"
one of my image collections regarding the Colors of Egypt group presentation topic.
Eye of Horus is an amulet, mainly made of gold and lapis lazuli, a type of blue stone.
According to ancient Egypt blifs, blue has the symbolism to heaven.
It took on a meaning of life and rebirth.
And the gods were said to have hair made of lapis lazuli.
Basically, what attracted me was the name of this amulet itself, pretty name.

2. Eyes of G.I.Joe!
arrgh~ sexy girl.
G.I.Joe doesnt really that appealing to me.
But i have no choice but to like it coz this is the movie chosen for our Interactive Multimedia group project. (to come out with a flash website of this movie)
Credits to Lim Wei who contributed most to the assignment! ^^
i am totally a Flash bai-chi.

3. Eyes of cuteness
one of the printed ad collection for my Color Studies research.
another ad was chosen for the exercise, but this is chosen for my bloggie.
it's Cuteness n joyfulness n pinkuness made my day.

4. Eyes of Ruki
Mesmerizing eyes, as always.
and i just ordered the same colored lens as that pair on Ruki's eyes. *cheers*

Story of the Day:
for the sake of color studies music research, i put on earphone and stuffed my ears with DISTRESS AND COMA for more than 6 hours today! in order to get the feelings and emotions from the music, i turned on the volume to the max! At the end of the day i have only one thought: F*ck the GazettE.

Advice: do not choose heavy metal rock music for your color studies assignment II. you will have to play the music on and on and on as you illustrating or painting! Or else you will end up like me- DISTRESS.

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although headaches and tired..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thursday, August 6, 2009


"Julien ar, dont u feel terrified staring at your wallpaper everyday?"
"his make-up soooooooo excessive!"
"could you get to sleep after looking at him?"

Ju: "nope, i will only get terrified if i see him without make up."

i gonna break Ruki's heart if he sees this. sorry baby~

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Visual Kei

This was the topic of my previous Public Speaking informative speech. It was said that this is an interesting topic that people do not know what Visual Kei is all about. Therefore, I would like to put this up here to share with more people.

What is Visual Kei?
There are various literal translation for "Visual Kei", but "Visual Style" seems too be most suitable to decribe Visual Kei as most resources used Visual Style to define Visual Kei.
It is a term usually related to Japanese Rock music. Often refers to bands whose primary point of interest for their fans is their costume and appearance. It can be said that Visual Kei is a sub-genre or sub-culture of Japanese Rock, much like how emotional music developed the "emo culture".

During 1980s, combining the growing influence of City Pop and Glam Rock from the United States. Bands like X Japan, D’erlanger and Color pioneered the use of fashion and colorful appearances to define the genre and develop a new style and subculture.

X Japan

During 1990s, Visual Kei became incredibly successful in Japan, with the album sales reaching record levels and often competing with major J-pop artists. Bands like Glay, Luna Sea, and L’Arc-en-Ciel grew out of the 1990s boom of Visual Kei and became incredibly successful.

At the end of 1990s, Visual Kei declined sharply due to the disbanding of Luna SEA and the death of Hideto Matsumoto of X Japan, who hung himself to death.

However, during 2006 & 2007, a new wave of Visual Kei bands have been arriving, driven by reunion tours from Luna Sea and X Japan as well as multiple tribute bands. Until today the culture of Visual Kei is still growing and continues its influence over the world.


Artists that fall under this category place great importance on their images, perhaps even more than their music. The image presented by Visual Kei artists normally elaborate and extreme with striking make up, bizarre hairstyle and flamboyant clothing leading to girly look. Cross-dressing is also a common occurence.

Many people who first exposed to Visual Kei artists mistake a male member as being female. (Most Visual Kei bands are all male members, some with one or two female members.) But why they would come out with this kind of image? Back to the history, when Visual Kei genre was first introduced, it was not accepted by the society, not even in Japan itself because the music were too odd for the local. Therefore instead of using music, Visual Kei artists used image to draw people's attention and to arouse their curiosity.

Their image often changing from album to album to create something new and interesting. Each band has a specific look that separates them from other VK bands. But within this, each member has their own style that still more is different to other members but does not compromise the bands overall trademark look and feel.

Some bands have a vibrant and colorful look with vividly highlighted hair and brightly coloured nail polish.

While some are more gothic, with dark make-up and heavy chains.



Visual Kei encompasses a large variety of genres from heavy metal to punk rock to electronic pop. The band most often play J-rock and vocal based pop or light rock as these genres are much lighter and more acceptance than heavy metal. However, there are also bands who are playing or influenced by Anime theme music and Industrial.

Other than that, artists often, but not always, fuse different types of genres to create something that is new and unique. With little to no warning, songs can also easily jump from one genre to another with a rapid change of tempo, vocal style and rhythm.

Many genres are explored but most likely you will find that a band will have a characteristic sound or two that carries through a song no matter what genre. Taking genres as a wide sense, it would be said that Visual Kei bands are playing some kind of "rock music".


Visual Kei is a rich and exciting world with the outrageous looks presented by bands and the unique sounds produced, it truly is a feast for the senses as you can enjoy both sound and image at the same time.

It may seem as if these artists pulled off this crazy combination effortlessly, in fact a fair amount of work is put into both image and sound. As for sound, normally Visual Kei bands compose songs and lyrics on themselves. Sound is paid special attention to and if musicians have the necessary means, will even travel to other countries for the mastering of an album or single.

Concerning image, small things such as jewellery, accessories and even coloured contacts are often used and while as single items go generally go unnoticed, they add to the overall look. Sometimes they may even design their own accessories like rings, earrings, necklaces or bracelets.

━★Video example★━

Well, i will end my post at here. I hope by now you have a better understanding about Visual Kei. Thanks for reading. All comments are welcomed. =)


゜・。・゜・Special Thanks To・。゜・゜・
Kny and Tian
for bringing Visual Kei into my world.
the GazettE
for inspiring me to do this topic.
Authors of former Visual Kei studies
as guidelines and resources for my topic.
Those who attended my speech and those who gave me comments!



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Saturday, August 1, 2009



對不起… 再等一會兒… 讓我與你的名字入睡

就算眼淚繼續流下, 悲傷仍然是陌生的
我歇息, 在記憶裏揮舞著, 所看到的對這雙眼並不足夠

不想你消失, 親愛的
微小的心跳, 哭泣聲
親愛的, 想你留在此處
My dear, I want you to stay here
- Ruki points at his heart everytime he sings this sentence.

不能呼喚幸福, 我淹沒於不斷重疊的日子
Unable to summon happiness, I lose myself in the days that continue to pile one on top of the other.
- that's so melancholy..

不想你消失, 親愛的
微小的心跳, 哭泣聲
親愛的, 想你留在此處


不想你消失, 親愛的
I don't want you to fade away, my dear...
I want you to let me hear just one sigh
The sound of a tiny heartbeat that is carried on my indistinct prayer
- Is this song the sequence of Reila? grief.

呼叫你的名字, 擁抱著你
用塞著的耳朵 我聽到搖籃在搖晃的聲音
The crimson lotus flower blooms in the springtime we can't get back
- i like this sentence most. its so meaningful. there is no way we can get back the to past..

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