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Saturday, May 23, 2009


Too free and too lazy to log in MapleStory.. i made this instead.
Spot Ruki, Uruha, Aoi, Reita n Kai! xD
norman will kill me if he sees this! i rather made the siggy for five than make one for him. kaka. sory norman =P

other than that, i wud like to share...
The GazettE LIVE performance on their 7th anniversary showcase:

Kai the leader of the GazettE. High High High, as in the drum set is awaken and is dancing along with Kai-kun. xD

Uruha the guitarist. one word in my mind: RESONANCE.
-refering to Uru's soul n guitar's soul. aww.. lovely~

Ruki the Death Vocal. emotive Ruki who sings using his heart.

Reita the prince Bass! charming Reita seems so in love wit his guitar.

The GazettE as ONE.
Happy belated 7th birthday, The GazettE.

i really love to see live band.
i wish i could see The GazettE with my own eyes, one day. xD
when i crazy over Rock it means julien really very down!
im actually not feel good lately.
*desperately gasping for more heavy beats*
letting Ruki's voice leading my soul to soak into the rhythm,
swinging away my distressfulness along with every beat the GazettE had jammed!
(aggressive me lols)
p/s sowee i forgot to save Aoi's part.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Julien has her very own Gaze boiis around her too!
p/s my comparison mostly based on personalities.

[ルキ] JJ is my Ruki. playful, notty, shexy n easily 带动气氛!n he is caring to ppl around him. and yeah, they oni show their concern when there is not much ppl around. Everyone loves Ruki, juz like all frens love JiuJiu! i love their CHEERFULNESS! :P

[れいた] Tian is Reita for me. Cool, mysterious, irritable, n owes attack ppl. Reita is self-centered and doesnt like to listen to others... However, Reita is sensitive to others' feelings, just like Tian does. they're gentle inside aren't they? well Tian n Reita, pls give us more time to discover the gentle side of urs. ^^

[戒] Sam is Kai! cute, loving, gentle, tender, soft, sweet, easy-bullied but never get angry. Sam can cooks so well, juz like Kai does. btw, they hav similar sideburn which makes ppl mistakenly think Kai's pic is Sam's. zomg! dun care, both are my cup of tea *loves* :P

[葵] Aoi... a friend of mine whom always remind me that he is sincere n true to me and he is so damn scare of me saying him faker! HAHA. Aoi's attentiveness n caring juz like 'him'. Aoi is serious at work n is the most hardworking member among GazettE! juz like 'him'. hoho ^^

[麗] Uruha.. the big stubborn bro. who onli sticks to his ideas n so firm about it. Uruha loves video games. so far i havent met any Uruha in my life. perhaps i myself fit tis character most.. our attitude quite alike. but im not boii wor~ o.o

HALP! 山精妖怪! *faint* sry i oni reg Gazeboiis. n the colorful hair guy nex to Ruki is Miyavi.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Filth in the Beauty

The GazettE. my fav Japanese Rock Band (Variety: Neo Visual Kei)..
Vocal : Ruki
Guitar: Aoi
Guitar: Uruha
Bass: Reita
Drums: Kai

Please read these random facts about the GazettE before you scroll down for their naked face photos~
- Ruki has low self-esteem, and he hides his imperfections under layers of make up.
- Reita is NOT ashamed of his nose. He said that he's shy to speak infront of crowds and such...so he wears that..
- Uruha is a big fan of Visual Kei since his high skol time.

Ruki without eyeliner n his grey color lens..
where are the mesmerizing eyes?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T^T

Uruha-san ...

Aoi-san... such a lovely smile.

Reita-san without nose band... :x

Kai-san! Kai is the cutest boy among GazettE members..
he has cute dimples that make him looks sweet.
he loves to cook.
but tis picture is a nono!
Kai i swear u will frighten girls n kids away with this look. *cries* T__T

Frm left: Ruki, Uruha, Reita.
aww they hav same eyes as mine! xD
now u noe y i love japanese~~

Frm left: Reita, Ruki, Uruha
tell me that's not Ruki!!
but i reg tat bracelet! it belongs to Ruki...............................................

Ruki.... ruki.... ruki....... THIS ISNT RUKI!!!
...ok yes he is. T_______T
i swear the GazettE has world's best make up artist.

No matter what, we still love the GazettE, because Gazerock is not dead!

[credits to] http://www.bebo.com/GazettETRIBUTE


adding more pics of the GazettE without makeup:
but please don't hate them because of these! They are beautiful in their own way! =(

a more recent pic of Aoi-san without eyeliner..
looks like a typical Japanese man huh

my fav~ Ruki-san.

"don't punch me please.."
Kai~~~~ xD

Kai looks good even without makeup. =D


updated: 31 dec 2009.

Thursday, May 14, 2009



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bad bOii

yeah... tats my pervy Ruki. sob. why Ruki-san juz abused Reita-san but not Kai-san who was also next to him? @.@ Reita is too hot? Kai is too fierce? or Reita is Ruki's bed partner? omg -_- TA ME DESU! Ruki isnt gay, let me hear u say yeah~ :x

Here's a part of Guren's MV... its my beloved pervy Ruki-san again. think a lil bit dirty n u will .. :S This vid reminds me of a song which the chorus sang like tis "lick my ding ding dong~" LMAO. Bad Ruki! totemo kimochi wari desu.

GazettE's Slogan : GAZE Rock Never Die (Gheys' rocku neber dye?) =x However Jul still loves GazettE most. *big hugs for Ruki Reita Kai Aoi n Uruha*

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rock Mode :3

Ibanez Jem7vWH, my Prince charming! ^^.

there were times i couldnt face the fact...
there were times i couldnt face myself...
there were times the world turned me down...

i cant do anything..
i couldnt voice everything out..
tis world has juz to be like this, too much unwritten rules. too much traps..
we cant juz do whateva we wanted to.
im feeling pain inside..
but well...

Bring me to live rock band concert!
i wanna rock my world as it shud be.
i wanna release my tension!
i wanna gone wild~
i wanna shout!
GazettE rocks this world!
Mayday rocks this world!
Nicholas Tse rocks tis world~~~ ^^,
*hearts for Ruki the perv God, ah xin the shy poet n nic the big big big big yeng zai!*

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cup of Tea

Daniel Henney~
Who starred in X-Men Origin Wolverine as Agent Zero.
i like to see guys in suit.
and one who is holding short guns with pretty pose definitely KILLS.

paiseh julien has gone crazy over X-men.
i love to see the HEROes!
with lotsa cool n special abilities! =P
no doubt why i love to see Cabal heroes, Devil May Cry characters.
simply bcoz they look like HEROes! haha

arrr btw.... Daniel Wu is pretty too isnt him?
So in future if i hav a son i will name him Daniel. :x


urhmm... juz got this...
random surf while i had ntg to do:
he is Ruki from the GazettE..

Ruki is famous for his voice n attracting eyes.
and he is 162cm tall. oh my gosh ><" seriously... i dont und y must Gazette wear leather n lace n beads n so. with thick thick make up.
Ruki u are much more smexy with this outfit! :x
(there you are, successfully get my eyes on you)

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