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Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm Back

Hi, long time no see! 
lol, it has been more than 2 years! How are you? :D 
Do you miss me? Do you even remember who am I? haha

Well, I'm back because... the GazettE is back!!!
I can't wait for their new album, to be released on 8.26.2015!
I guess that's all for today.

To be honest I need some time to get familiar with this blog & my old-self all over again..

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ruki x Cassis 2012

THE DECADE posts are everywhere! hey hey are you up to date?! xD

I have been waiting for new "version" of Cassis LIVE since the day I was saved by this song!
It is awesome!

ahh.... once again I was touched by this song.

Look how pretty he is!

Ruki x guitar is just too beautiful.

I love the GazettE. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2013

Hello Readers!
Happy New Year.
Congratulations to all for surviving the 20121221 Worldz Doomsday! haha
Sorry for being slow-- arhh imma typical Taurus!

If you are an old member of this blog...
You might have noticed that I will be damn emo whenever it comes to Christmas.
Guess what! No longer! I've got over it!!! (after 4 years? ._. )

A brand New Year...
I want a new life.
I was so lost in past 6 months...
I shut myself away from the world..

But thanks to the book "The Secret",
now I have found my direction. :)

Lastly, bringing you a Facebook cover photo which I have made..
I was very down for some reasons..
Calm Envy describes my feelings best.
the quote appeared in the cover photo is from Calm Envy: 
"Please don't leave me behind again.."
Personally, I find this cover is toooooo negative for me
but it will be such a waste if I just leave it untouched in my notebook.
So, i'm putting it up.
Feel free to grab it. :3

Shall stop here. Have a nice day.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Everything is breaking me down.
Even love & care seem to be burdens.

I need some space. I need some time.

I am sorry.
Sorry for being selfish
Sorry for being indifferent
Sorry for being emotional

I love you
I do love you
I miss you
I mean it...

But at this point I am really tired...
I couldn't ask for anything else but forgiveness from you... :'(

Monday, May 14, 2012

Omega Spam ._.

arghh my GIFs aren't working on tumblr!
i hope this works!
i wonder is it because of CS5...
but now it is my only choice since CS3 is in my laptop. (am using desktop -.-)

i took around 2 days to watch a 2 hour dvd.
i was too busy taking screen captures and Ps.ing them.

there is always a Julz Favourite member of the day(tour)~
guess whose turn is it for Venomous Cell tour!
okay it's obviously Kai.
Kai with specs is toooooo cute!

and he smiled a lot in this tour.
too cute.

honestly, compared to other albums, i like TOXIC the least.
that's why i couldn't recognize most songs while watching the dvd!
thanks to my Tweet-mate @maikaze for sharing the setlist: [..]

No deny that the tour was really great!
the stage performance was superb!
can see that tons of effort had been put in!
if you have't watch the dvd, please do!!! xD


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remembering the Urge

Excuse me,
I do act a little abnormal on Saturdays, that's just a very normal me.
I am back to the fandom. :D

[sharing GIF i made.. from the Pledge pv & Omega DVD]

at work, I face Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and an Animation software almost everyday. Even reached home I still turn on my com and continue facing Ps n Ai... My friends asked why..

There is this saying,
"do something you love, then you wouldn't be working everyday."
hell yeah.
Repeat the same routine everyday,
do what you like everyday- as your responsible.
you will seek for improvement & recognition.
and then you get tired of striving.

Most of the times, reality gets you down.

I don't want to lose my passion.
I am afraid of losing this heat in my heart.

I want to remind myself always about things I love.
I want to be motivated,
thus you can see me Photoshopping, Illustrating, blogging, tumblring, tweeting;
spamming Gazetalk like hell every-fucking-moment.

Have a nice weekend.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

the GazettE Documentary 2012

I superrrrrrrr hate the new blogger interface!!!!! T^T
it messed up my blog post layout!!!! *re-posting now*

Download Links:
part 1 - www.mediafire.com/?a317bb1q7alrd5a
part 2 - www.mediafire.com/?8bh15uhmn0nvkn2
part 3 - www.mediafire.com/?19lhbror1enooa4

i have't get a chance to watch it...
so no comment about it at all..
nor I can fangirl about it :(
gotta go now, have a nice weekend.

ehh... don't you think the costume really .... fishy? o.o

Credits to:
ychan777 [blog.livedoor.jp/ychan777/archives/65803851.html]

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dolly Ruki

am forced to use the new blogging interface.
i hope this time it will not give me problems...

2 days ago was my birthday. xD (present please?!)
i usually receive drawing / painting / artistic thingy on this day,
it was no different this year. (i am happy!)
Among all I like the image above most! it is from my student. :D
i appreciate how my students apply what they have learned from their teachers. :3 *blessed*

2nd of May is another important day for meeeeeeee,
it was the day i fell for Ruki <3
3rd anniversary eh!!! hahaha
*excuse me, i just feel like fangirling for a little while.

by the way, i have a photo of RuRu which i wanted to share with you badlyyyyy,
i've been keeping it in my phone for...................................................................................... <<< this long.
The problem is i don't know how to send it to my notebook so that i can post it here!!!
option1: !Tunes (but something went so wrong that i can't install it on my notebook.....
option2: Email (but im too lazy to tap the email button. :P

what about posting it to Facebook? xD

ok it's time to test the outcome of the new blogging interface ciao!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

i feel like eating pancakes

random post should come with a random title.
instead of naming this post i juz wrote what's on my mind nau...
pancake please?

Hello~ It's public holiday in my place~
i spent my afternoon wandering around~
and then i decided to waste a little time on photoshop n this blog.

i was diving around the web to collect more GazettE photos,
(psst. i'm more into old scans lately! :D)
but...i still can't resist DIM photos. they're too attractive!

this is from NLSG pamphlet.. :D
photoshopped, so it is slightly different from the original~
i purposely enlarged the 3 photos over <<<<<<,
i love the middle photo MOST.
Ruki with guitar, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE HIM?!

Lastly...the GazettE の Guitar warriors!
from Tokyo Dome pamphlet, i think. xD

arh i said to post some old scans but
ended up posting recent photos of them..
sorry for being so random and so inconsistent! ._.
ok gotta stop here. time to do my work..
have a nice day.

thanks to rawkstarr23@livejournal for sharing these scans

Monday, April 16, 2012

What Colour is Love

Just saw this on Facebook...
thanks OMG!-oh my GazettE page for sharing this quote.
it's really beautiful.

this noon i was browsing for some photos of Kai in this blog,
the result was kinda disappointing. =.=
gomenasai, Kai fans. that's y i decided to make a Kai post today.
btw, actually i wanted to post more Kai scans...
but it seems my Photoshop doesn't wanna work at all. lol too bad

i am so sorry for not replying yours comments. (especially for old posts!)
i didnt realized there are comments! :x i am so sorry....
gonna stop here.
see you!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

GazettE Decade :D

Good morning Saturday!
just dropping by to say hi,
and thanks for caring.. :)
I'm feeling so much better now.
ehh it's already 9.11am -.-
gotta go or i will be late for work!
see you.
more refined Shoxx scans to be posted. (definitely not today!)
have a nice weekend, bye!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shoxx Decade :D

Bringing you Shoxx 2012/05 and Decade pamphlet's refined scans:

ehh... i always find this costume weird...
now i know why.
the colours make me think of a type of fish: the swordtail fish!
(urhmm... i guess i've addicted to swordtail fish, i spend half an hour a day to stare at my new bought swordtail fishes... xD)

i like this. very shexy..
but why i feel that he doesn't look like Ruki....

this is my favourite! ^^ very artistic!

love this too...

..................... *excuse me*
i can't think of any words.

i hate March.
first my student passed away..
then my colleague.
they died at young age.
both are younger than me who are 23 now.
having to look at their bodies reminded me about my mother who had passed away 17 years ago.
all of them died at young age- when i least expected.
how many times do i have to get this kind of shock,
how many times more do i have to walk into the memorial parlour,
how many times do i have to send people i care away?
in the funeral,
i stayed calm.
i stayed cool.
but at nights like this,
i just cant hold my tears and the pain buried inside.
mom, even after 17 years,
i still want to be your daughter.
i want to tell you that i've got a job.
i've got my 1st pay.
i want to buy something for you,
but definitely not the prayer sticks nor the white chrysanthemum bouquet..

okay done with this post. thanks for reading.
i am sorry for being super emotional lately.
......anyway i hope you love these scans.
p.s. i love the last scan most. :)

kiss my ass goodbye, gloomy March.

thanks to wlifers, & rawkstarr23 from livejournal for sharing these scans; photo edited by charistz. *nearly forget to give credit... my bad*

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ruki at DECADE live~ live report (in Japanese) here

I just got my bear bear~
thanks again, Lisa Lisa! ^^


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ruki at Lives

It took more than 3 hours to come out with this post. -.-
Thanks to many interruptions,
and yes, those interruptions are still on-going.

[Compilation post] Sharing photos taken from:
  • Tokyo Dome
  • Omega Tour Pamphlet
  • Venomous Cell tour
my favourite. :D

always my favourite.
Ruki in formal clothes is... gorgeous.

i dont really like this.... the makeup is too.....
he looks like a panda. :x

okay this is good. Julien approves this. LOL



i gotta go now, my friend is #@%#@%#@

thanks to bottlefreedom, yowakute, wlifers, & rawkstarr23 from livejournal for sharing these scans; photo edited by charistz.

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